Sunday, January 22, 2017

2017 restaurants

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Restaurants (and a few other businesses) visited on the blog Eating Every Day, 2017


*100 on my list of 100 indispensable restaurants
•FIVE on my list of FIVE indispensable restaurants
y: I will go again
ok: I may go again
n: I will not go again
These judgments are personal and have little or nothing to do with “quality”
DISCLAIMER: My wife and I are among the original and continuing partners of Chez Panisse, in Berkeley. We are there fairly often, and readers will be excused for thinking we may have a biased view of the excellences of that restaurant. I try to be objective.



y    Handline Restaurant, 935 Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol; 707-829-1977 (1/23/2017)
y    Monti's, 714 Village Court, Santa Rosa, California; 707-568-4404 (1/25/17)

San Francisco

ok   Trestle, 531 Jackson Street, San Francisco; +1 (415) 772-0922 (2/7/2017)

•FIVE    CHEZ PANISSE and CAFÉ, 1517 Shattuck Avenue; 510-548-5525 (1/20/2017)


Ashland and vicinity

•FIVE New Sammy's Cowboy Bistro, 2210 South Pacific Highway, Talent, Oregon; +1 (541) 535-2779 (1/27/2017)
y    Flip, 92 N Main Street, Ashland; open every day 11-9k (2/5/2017)


y    Broder Nord, 2240 North Interstate Avenue, Portland; +1 (503) 282-5555 (1/30/2017)
y    Ken's Artisan Bakery, 338 NW 21st Avenue, Portland; +1 (503) 248-2202 (1/30/2017)
y    Chesa, 2218 NE Broadway, Portland; +1 (503) 477-9521 (2/1/2017)
y    Maurice A Pastry Luncheonette, 921 SW Oak Street, Portland; +1 (503) 224-9921 (2/4/2017)

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